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Bad First Day

Did anyone here about what heppend in Russia? It was terrible, possibly 250 dead, many of them children, i read about it in the paper today and with it, on the front page was a picture of a kid, maybe 10 or 11 being carried by a man about 25 and the kid was all bloody, people were just standing there watching.

Apparently the whole thing is over something the russian government did about terrosim a couple years ago and these people are still pissed. So they took over a school. It was these kids first day of school and what happens? They end op dead, injured, or frightened or maybe of mix. But never say you had a bad first of day of school until international terrorists take yours over, never!
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i heard about that. it was the cheznians that did it and they are stupid for doing it. since the communism fell over there everythings been screwed up and lots of the old soviet union republics are independant now. can't they just branch off and forget the past? i mean hell, they could be free of russia if they just become independant. its stupid. so what if russia did something bad in the past, it doesn't justify killing a bunch on ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS!
340+ is the current death doll, it's really sad what people will do to prove a point, i just wish the world wasn't like this...