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Casey's poem.

one of my friend's little brother wrote a poem that will go along with your post alex. it fits very well i think. so in response to you, i will post it.

by: Casey Dobbins

What is wrong with this world today
People killing people anyway
People not deserving to be treated this way
And yet it happens every damn day
I'm tired of it and want it to stop
But who listens to a simple Goth
No wonder why people are so depressed
When they talk about crap like this
If things would go my way
We would live in peace everyday
Not all Goths are filled with hate
So what is wrong with this world on this date
Whats wrong with you and me
And everyone in your family tree
Hate and anger all around
Heads spinning like a merry-go-round
Whats wrong with love
And peace symbolized by a dove
Whats wrong with the person with a rifle
Shooting at the dove trying to kill us all
What the hell is wrong with terrorists
They dont cause terror at all
They just kill mass amounts of people
So whats wrong with this picture
All crumpled and ripped
Like the self-esteem of a kid getting picked on
Feeling sick to my stomahc
About all the killing and hate
But it hasn't changed
Even to this very date
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