Midnight Rogue (ebonyxsoule) wrote in esp_is_dead,
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sad sad world

i read in the paper today that they found some US Miltary soldier decapitated in the Tigris River. thats pretty disgusting. honestly i hate wars and i hate military. i have my reasons. i was actually talking to a friend the other day that told me he wanted to solve the worlds problems. thats a good thing ya know, so i asked him how he'd do that. you know what he told me? start a huge world war. he started explain how it would work and i was absolutely repulsed. its pretty sad when half the world really believes war will solve everything.
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War.....i hate it. We should start a hug war. See who can give the most hugs to random people and then they win. That would be cool, maybe make someone happy, who knows.
thats a great idea. lemme start
*hugs him*
ha! take that. hehe.
*hugs back*
I'm gonna win so don't even try!!!!!