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Hug War!!!!

We're gonna start a hug war!!!! Finally, i've dcided were gonna start a war that might actually bring peace. Notice in the bio of this journal there is a thing were you can give a hug, i think it would be cool if everyone put that in their journal so we could give you hug and make peace. Also, i'm gonna try and give everyone a jug when i comment on their journal, maybe this will inspire people and others will do it. So yeah this could be cool...... This is the official start of the hug war, which side are you on!?

Hahaha.....this is so stupid its funny.....but hey it would cool if we did it.

Has anyone been reading any of the things that have been going on it Sudan? 30,000 are dead.....that is way to many fucking people, and its basically the Sudanese goverment perpretrating it. And yet all we do is make a feeble attempt at stoping this. Did you know they use rape as a form of torture only women and little children, they do this publicaly. How disgusting is that!!!!! Mainly thought its this groupd called the Janjaweed who are killing all these black none arabs. Some what like genocide or racial clensing. Its disgusting though..... I just wish people would try and stop it, these people whip out whole vilages and then plunder them. What is this world coming to.....
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